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    FSI is offering five critical tools to assist firms in complying with the BIC exemption of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule:

    • Best Interest Contract (BIC) Template: Jumpstart your effort to comply with the BIC’s complicated provisions
    • Compliance Guide: This resource provides the home office with information necessary to develop your firm’s unique approach to compliance with the DOL’s fiduciary rule
    • New! Negative Consent Letter: This form will allow you to continue servicing existing retirement accounts without the immediate need to sign new documents with the client should your firm decide to utilize the negative consent process allowed by the BICE.
    • New! IRA Rollover Form: Use this form when moving funds to your firm from an IRA or 401(k). This form comes in both advisor-facing and client-facing formats.
    • New! Disclosure Website Template: This resource is a model site map of the required disclosures that will simplify building the required DOL disclosure website

    PRICING (Bundled packages highlighted in green)

    Product FSI Member Price
    Model BIC Template $2,500
    Compliance Guide $1,500
    BIC & Compliance Package $3,000
    Negative Consent & Fillable IRA Rollover Form $2,500
    Disclosure Website Template $4,000
    Negative Consent & IRA Rollover Form & Website $5,000
    All of the above $8,000

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    Disclaimer: These tools are meant to assist firms in developing their compliance with the DOL rule. Use of the templates does not constitute full compliance with all the requirements of the rule and firms should use these in conjunction with the advice and guidance of their legal and compliance professionals. FSI does not provide legal advice to our members and our development and distribution of these DOL tools is not intended to be legal advice of any kind.