Hosting an Event

Throughout the year we host elected officials at various roundtable events at our members’ offices. This is a great way to introduce elected officials to our industry and your business, as well as to connect with other FSI members in your community. If you are willing to host an event for FSI members and your elected officials:

1. Email Matt Landers, Director of Political Engagement, at [email protected].

2. We will work with the elected official’s office to secure a date.

3. We will provide you with an invitation for your network and will promote attendance from our members.

4. We will handle catering logistics.

5. We will provide talking points and materials for the event.

6. We will send a representative from our office on the day of the event to assist with the program.

7. Follow up! Send a thank you note to your elected official and continue to reach out periodically with relevant material on the issue you discussed. The goal is not just to meet one time, but to foster an ongoing relationship. You are the expert!

Who to Contact

If you are interested in hosting an event or would like to learn more about the FSI Advocacy Circle of Excellence, please contact:

Matt Landers
Director, Political Engagement