Providing Hearing Testimony

Throughout the year, our staff participates in several regulatory and legislative hearings at both the state and federal levels. Because our members are the best advocates, there are often opportunities for you to attend or testify at a hearing.

If you would be willing to participate in a hearing:

1. Email Matt Landers, Director of Political Engagement, at, and let him know that you are willing to participate in a hearing on our industry’s behalf.

2. We will reach out to you when there is an opportunity to attend a hearing or offer testimony. 

3. Our advocacy team will work to prepare you for your testimony and provide you materials to better familiarize yourself with the testimony’s issue.

4. We will send a representative to the hearing to guide you on the day of the testimony.

Who to Contact

If you are interested in providing hearing testimony or would like to learn more about the FSI Advocacy Circle of Excellence, please contact:

Matt Landers
Director, Political Engagement