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FSI Unveils New Website & Social Network September 10, 2013WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Financial Services Institute (FSI) today unveiled a brand new website and social network aimed at increasing its online advocacy prowess and helping its independent financial advisor members grow their businesses. The new website is the culmination of a year-long effort to put FSI at the forefront of online messaging and advocacy in the financial services industry. It is a powerful tool to enable our members to advocate on behalf of the hard-working, Main Street American clients they serve. The new social network, FSI Social, will provide a secure virtual environment for both our firm executives and financial advisor members to collaborate, share best practices and continue to improve compliance throughout the industry. FSI also unveiled two new tools that will help our financial advisor member retain their current clients and attract new clients. A one-minute video and a corresponding one-page infographic is now available for FSI members to download for free. These tools help advisors explain the value of independence to clients and prospective clients. The tools are client ready, having already been reviewed by FINRA. The video can be embedded on a website or emailed to clients or prospective clients. The info graphic can also go on the website or emailed, or printed and placed on a lobby coffee table to act as a conversation starter. All of these tools are being unveiled today at FSI’s first-ever Financial Advisor Summit. Along with these tools, FSI also gave a sneak peak at their new all-in-one member mobile app that will allow their members to advocate on the go, get industry news and use as an on-site conference app. FSI said they will be releasing the new app for download in about a month. Dale Brown, FSI’s president & CEO, said: “Our members understand that their top member benefit is the strong advocacy representation we deliver them and their clients. That being said, with a membership as large and engaged as ours, there is also a need to help them grow their businesses. Our new website will help them stay better informed and be more effective citizen advocates. FSI Social will provide a secure virtual environment for our members to collaborate, share best practices and continue to improve compliance throughout the industry. And our new tools – which most advisors could never afford to develop on their own – will help them grow their businesses. And our Newsbrief email will now come out daily from twice weekly. This helps busy members keep up to date on news surrounding the industry, regulation, legislation, practice management and more.” Please see below for a complete list of new member tools and hyperlinks: New FSI website New FSI social network, “FSI Social” New one-minute video explaining benefits of independent financial advisors New one-page infographic explaining benefits of independent financial advisors Newly expanded FSI “Newsbrief” now daily in members’ inboxes New all-in-one FSI mobile app (Coming Soon!)

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