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End of Session Memo

Disclaimer: All information is current as-of the end of all 2018 state legislative sessions.

FSI tracked and engaged on state legislative and regulatory initiatives with potential impact on independent financial services firms and their affiliated financial advisors throughout the 2018 state legislative sessions and regulatory processes.

FSI achieved positive outcomes in nearly all state priority issue areas in 2018. These priority issue areas included fiduciary disclosures and obligations, independent contractor classification, and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. FSI also successfully engaged on other important issues at the state level surrounding tax-advantaged accounts, cybersecurity, financial literacy, professional privilege and transaction taxes, non-compete agreements, and state-run retirement plans.

In our effort to engage and advocate on behalf of our members this year, we wrote letters, called legislators and regulators, and issued calls-to-action. On various occasions, we held in-person meetings with legislators and regulators and testified before a select number of committees. The State Capitol Days, some of our most popular advocacy events, were a great success. We also leveraged our relationships with state legislators and regulators, their staff, NASAA, FSI members, and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., ALEC, NCSL and CSG) to make our members’ viewpoints known.

Heading into 2019, FSI will continue to aggressively advocate on behalf of our members at the state level.

*The state threat assessment indicates the probability (high, moderate or low) of potentially problematic legislation/regulation being introduced and/or adopted in the state.