Financial Advisor Membership & Grassroots Champion Discount

Financial Advisor Membership & Grassroots Champion Discount

In addition to firm membership, FSI offers membership to individual advisors at a rate of $179 per year. The large majority of FSI firm members facilitate annual financial advisor membership campaigns to engage their advisors each year.

To help you engage your advisors in FSI membership, FSI will allow you to give them complimentary introductory memberships. Once your advisors begin paying membership dues, your firm will become eligible to participate in FSI’s Grassroots Champion Discount program, which provides a significant discount off your firm dues depending on the level of your advisors’ participation. Potential discounts are listed below.

Potential Grassroots Champion firm dues discount (based upon actual paying financial advisor participation rate):

  • 70-79% advisor participation: 20% discount
  • 80-89% advisor participation: 35% discount
  • 90%+ advisor participation: 50% discount

FSI’s Corporate Relations team would be happy to work with you to design a member campaign to benefit your advisors.

For more information, please contact: Nicki Brown, Director of Corporate Relations & Culture at (202) 601-2500 or [email protected]