U.S. Capitol Building


FSI PAC is an important tool for maximizing our impact on issues critical to your business.


FSI PAC is a separate fund from membership dues that supports candidates who understand and influence issues important to independent broker-dealers and independent financial advisors. FSI PAC’s goal is to advance the legislative and regulatory interests of FSI members on the federal level.

FSI member dues income may not be used to support candidates.


By pooling financial resources and supporting candidates who share our vision, we can accomplish our advocacy priorities, and protect access to advice for Main Street Clients.


FSI PAC supports candidates who demonstrate an understanding of the issues that are important to FSI’s members and share our views on priority issues. In determining how funds should be distributed, FSI PAC considers these criteria:

  • Whether the candidate serves on a committee of jurisdiction important to the financial services industry;
  • Whether the candidate holds a leadership or policy-shaping position or is likely to hold such a position in the future;
  • Geographic location of the candidate’s district as it relates to FSI members; and
  • Voting record on financial issues that are of importance to FSI and our members.

FSI PAC brings value to your advocacy.