Kicking Off the Year Virtually: FSI Annual Kickoff 2021

December 30, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has affected each of us in different ways. Certainly, doing business in a virtual environment has been a big adjustment for many.

But even as some enjoy the convenience of working from home, there remains something very special about getting together with colleagues to share ideas and best practices in person—which is why we’re looking forward even more to OneVoice 2021, which will occur in July of next year.

In the more immediate future, we will host a virtual Annual Kickoff event on February 1-3 to help fill the void until OneVoice and FSI Forum & Capitol Hill Day. The virtual event will feature the following sessions:

What’s Ahead for 2021: Stop Doomscrolling and Consider the Data: FSI CEO & President Dale Brown will interview Andrew Busch, former Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission. The duo will cover a number of topics, including how the incoming administration’s policies could impact not just FSI members, but the economy, the broader business climate and the job market.

2021 FSI Advocacy Priorities: The FSI Advocacy Team will outline which initiatives at the federal and state level will be priorities in the coming year to ensure that we continue to protect access to financial advice, products and services.

Plan and Predict with Peers: Small-Group Discussions: Share experiences with new and longtime colleagues to identify common issues of concern, problem-solve and generate fresh ideas for the future. If you’ve participated before, you know that the structure and format of FSI discussions encourage free-flowing, flexible conversation that aligns with everyone’s interests. This session is open to firm executives only.

We are looking forward to bringing our community together to share education and strengthen professional connections as the new year kicks off.

Be sure to save time on your calendar today for these short, inspiring sessions!

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