NFP Advisor Services Group and FSI Partner to Advance Advocacy Mission & Bolster Financial Advisor Momentum

January 31, 2012

Partnership Brings 1,400 New Advisors to FSI Membership, Now Over 35,000 Strong

In a strong show of support for the Financial Services Institute (FSI), NFP Advisor Services Group today announced that all of its 1,400 financial advisors are now FSI advisor members. The advisors’ first-year membership is offered on a complimentary basis by NFP Advisor Services Group. FSI now boasts well over 35,000 financial advisor members.

James Poer, President of NFP Advisor Services Group, said: “We are pleased to provide a one-year complimentary membership to FSI to our financial advisors. Not only does FSI provide a voice for the independent broker-dealer community, they also strongly advocate on behalf of independent financial advisors in Washington. We believe that protecting advisors’ ability to serve their clients in the capacity of an independent advisor is one of the most important things we can do, and our relationship with FSI clearly helps do that.”

Keith Kelly, FSI’s executive vice president and COO, added: “The momentum our members are creating continues to grow into 2012. These advisors aren’t just joining FSI – they’re joining the cause of championing affordable, independent financial advice for their clients. The simple fact is, with commitment like this from firms like NFP Advisor Services Group, the possibilities of what FSI can accomplish for all of its members are limitless. Every new partnership brings us one step closer to creating a healthier, more business-friendly environment for our members to thrive.”

Kelly continued, “For FSI financial advisor members, there is no secret or confusion about what you get: it is strong and effective advocacy – period. Our member firms and their financial advisors are the best in the business at providing unbiased advice to hard-working Americans. FSI works every day to protect the independent business model; and every independent financial advisor should take control of their future and join the fight to protect their business by becoming an FSI financial advisor member.”

In addition to advocacy, FSI financial advisor members receive: access to analyses of regulatory and legislative proposals; an Advocacy Action Center to easily communicate with legislators and regulators; opportunities to visit Capitol Hill and educate lawmakers; and exclusive FSI publications and communications.