Management Team

The FSI Team is led by Dale Brown, FSI’s President & CEO. Our team is passionate about making a difference in the independent financial services industry. We strive to provide exceptional service to our members, so that they can provide exceptional service to their clients.

Executive Leadership

Dale Brown, CAE

President & CEO

David Bellaire, Esq.

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Michelle Allgauer, CAE, CMM, CMP Fellow

Senior Vice President, Education & Engagement

Brett McAllister

Senior Vice President, Finance, Operations & Business Strategy

Robin Traxler, CAE, IOM

Senior Vice President, Policy & Deputy General Counsel


Renee Barnett

Vice President, Federal Regulatory Affairs & Senior Counsel

Dan Barry

Director, State Legislative Affairs

Matt Landers

Director, Political Engagement

Hanna Laver, Esq.

Director, Legislative Affairs & Senior Counsel

Kyle Marrs

Political Engagement Coordinator

Member Engagement & Sponsorship

Kathryn Anderson

Vice President, Corporate Relations

Allison Kuehner Mutschler, IOM, CAE

Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Christine Bermingham

Director, Member Engagement

Regan Solomon

Communications & Member Engagement Coordinator

Finance, Operations & Business Strategy

Chris Paulitz

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Kevin Whitehead

Vice President, Business Development

Jeremy Bronheim, CPA

Controller & Associate Vice President, Operations

Sharjeel Saleem

Customer Relations Systems (CRM) Manager

Keith Thomas

Accounting Manager