Meeting with Elected Officials

We believe that our members are the best advocates for our issues. Creating relationships with key elected officials is critical to achieve our shared legislative goals. Whether you want to meet with a legislator at their office, host them at your office or find an existing event, we want to help you prepare for the meeting.

If you are interested in meeting with your elected officials:

1. Identify where you would like to meet with your elected official and who you would like to bring with you.

2. Reach out to Matt Landers, Director of Political Engagement, at

3. We will help you schedule the meeting and walk you through our advocacy priorities.

4. We will provide talking points and materials for you to bring to the meeting.

5. Attend the meeting.

6. Report back to us with any pertinent notes or follow up needs.

7. Follow up! Send a thank you note to your elected official and continue to reach out periodically with relevant material on the issue you discussed. The goal is not just to meet one time, but to foster an ongoing relationship. You are the expert!

Who to Contact

If you are interested in meeting with your elected officials or would like to learn more about the FSI Advocacy Circle of Excellence, please contact:

Matt Landers
Director, Political Engagement