Celebrating 20 Years

In the Beginning

The Financial Services Institute (FSI) was established in 2004 when the independent financial services community identified the need for an association serving as their voice in Washington, D.C. and the states and representing the industry’s unique concerns.

Twenty years of growth and achievement unfolded from there. FSI and our members have worked – and will continue to work – toward a healthier regulatory environment for the independent firms and advisors who provide unbiased advice to hard-working Main Street Americans.

Celebrate with Us

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Add Your Voice

The 20th anniversary year is a great time to amplify your voice through FSI! Understand what’s at stake and invest in the future of your business:

Thank You for Being Part of FSI’s Journey

Our members will continue to harness their collective strength to address challenges and secure the role of the independent financial advisory profession in aiding Main Street Americans working toward a secure financial future.

We appreciate FSI’s sponsors, who share the goals of our industry and play a pivotal role in maximizing the impact of our advocacy and education efforts.

Join Us for Our Next 20 Years!