Message from Dale Brown, FSI President & CEO

June 3, 2020

Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Racial Inequality

I am grieved at the senseless death of George Floyd and the deep division and wounds we are still inflicting on one another. Our country is founded on the right for all people to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Sadly, these rights are still not fully available to Americans of color. Our hearts break with the nation as we continue to fight for racial equality.

The American Dream is for each and every American, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or background. At the Financial Services Institute (FSI), our mission is to ensure ALL Americans have access to the affordable, professional financial advice they need to achieve their dreams. We will continue to champion efforts that drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the financial services industry and beyond.

We must all be part of the solution. I am committed to learning, listening, and finding meaningful ways to achieve justice for all, and I encourage our staff and our industry to do the same.